Bespoke or otherwise know as Made to Measure uniforms are garments that we design and produce completely from blank canvas to garment in collaboration with our client. This approach brings to life the look which reflects each individual clients brand. 

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Garments which are designed and manufactured especially for the client to their specification, giving a brand star quality in a highly competitive market.

This is the couture element to a brand which can elevate it to another level.

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dv professional uniforms ireland hotel corporate office 20

This specialist area is where we feel we can offer creative value for a client. However we encourage this to be included where visually it is most impactful to the client blended with customised or RTW options.

Customised Uniforms

We can adapt ready to wear garments through customisation to create an individual look.

This offers the client a way to incorporate their branding in small details which is a subtle way to distinguish a brand in the marketplace.